29 Jul

How to claim my BitcoinCash

For every Bitcoin(BTC or XBT) you hold you will be getting a BitcoinCash(BCC or BCH).

Moving your BTC to paper wallet is the sure-shot way for getting your BCC but it is going to be little cumbersome especially considering that the prices of BCC may go down drastically after the fork and you might need to redeeem your BCC and sell it before that. If you don’t mind that and would prefer moving them to paper wallet (or any wallet which supports private keys) should be the de-facto option.

13 Dec

How to Buy Bitcoin in India

With the latest bull run of Bitcoin a lot of people have woken up to Cryptocurrencies. The first and foremost question is how do I buy Bitcoins? And if you are from India you will have a tough time getting started. 

Most of the Indian Companies requisites KYCs and with the the latest buzz the waiting times have only got longer. Following are the trusted and popular websites from where you can buy bitcoins.

12 Dec

Why I am moving to BitShares and you should too

While many people invest in bitcoins and alt-coins for the long term there are many who do it for the short term and trading. Irrespective of which category you fall into you would end up converting from one currency to other. While generally look at the two digit percent increment in our investments we forget a small percentage called commission which keeps accruing over the time.

Take a look at the promo image of this post to know what I am speaking about.

12 Dec

Comparison of Buy and Sell prices from Indian Bitcoin Wallets

Once you think of investing in bitcoins in India the first thing you do is find the list of places from where you can buy bitcoins in India

We generally look for the sites from where we can quickly buy bitcoins and miss out on the spread these websites have. I am attaching the screenshots of various websites from where I thought of buying initially.


12 Dec

All alt-coin chart links in one spreadsheet

There are so many exchanges these days. The price charts in a few of them are good. But it can be overwhelming to keep track of these charts and view them within their website windows. So I thought of search for a full page charts and collate a list of them. As usual, I searched around to see if anybody has done it before and rightfully I found out that somebody has already done that and it was way more comprehensive than what I was thinking of doing.