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13 Dec

How to Buy Bitcoin in India

With the latest bull run of Bitcoin a lot of people have woken up to Cryptocurrencies. The first and foremost question is how do I buy Bitcoins? And if you are from India you will have a tough time getting started. 

Most of the Indian Companies requisites KYCs and with the the latest buzz the waiting times have only got longer. Following are the trusted and popular websites from where you can buy bitcoins.

  1. Zebpay - Most trusted but app only. 
  2. Unocoin - Website and App.
  3. CoinSecure - Website and App.
  4. Bitcoin India Org - I have not tried this personally.

If you want to start buying early and doesn't want to wait further you can try foreign websites like 

  1. - Immediate buying option with limits. Limits increase after approval. Can buy with Credit Cards.
  2. - Can buy with Paypal.
  3. changelly - Seems to be popular.

If you are looking at more international sites checkout

I am using all of these and will add more notes as I go forward. If you are from India and have used any of these or better websites do let me know in the comments. I would like to try them out.

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